Consumer Healthcare

Consumer HealthCare

Consumer HealthCare is our business unit which is focused on the commercialization of self-consumption products for the health and well-being of people in Spain. At our Consumer Health area, we concentrate our portfolio on non-prescription medicines (EFPs) and natural products (Food Supplements). 

Talking about Consumer Healthcare in Spain is talking about Uriach. We are leaders in the Spanish market with a wide catalogue of products that includes drugs without prescription widely recognized by our consumers such as Aerored, Biodramina, Fave de Fuca, Utabon, Halibut, Fisiocrem and Filvit, and others.

The products of the Aquilea range, made with a scientific-pharmaceutical rigor and high-quality standards, complete the daily diet of healthy people, taking care of them and approaching nature to modern strict life in the most practical and understandable way.

Our portfolio is completed with the Innovage brand, which includes a wide range of nutricosmetics products with proven scientific basis.

Our brands

  • Aquilea
  • Fisiocrem
  • Innovage
  • Aero-red
  • Halibut
  • Fuca
  • Enrelax
  • Biodramina
  • Cistitus
  • Filvit
  • Utabon
In Aquilea we combine the best of nature with the most innovative science, to create effective products that really boost your well-being.
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Fisiocrem is the effective massage solution in muscle and ligaments preparation to avoid injuries due to daily exercise or intense physical effort.
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Innovative nutricosmetic line developed with the latest technologies and formulated with top quality active ingredients, which act from the inside to help achieve visible and real results.
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Halibut is an expert brand on irritations. It offers the best solution to take care of your skin facing any kind of irritation.
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Fuca offers effective solutions to intestinal transit problems based on a unique combination of natural assets.
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EnRelax offers a range of products with natural active ingredients carefully indicated to help you relax, forget the stress and stimulate your rest during the night. The entire EnRelax range has a successful blend of valerian, passionflower and hawthorn, all of them are plants with relaxing properties. Under this formula, EnRelax offers several products that adapt to each need.
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Biodramina is the solution for the prevention and treatment of the symptoms of dizziness for all travelers. Because any trip is better without dizziness.
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Cistitus is a range of products based on American Red Cranberry, with a high concentration of proanthocyanidins (PAC'S). Proanthocyanidins (PAC's) are compounds that can be found in the American Red Cranberry and help to reduce the adherence of certain bacteria, such as Escherichia coli, on the walls of the urinary tract.
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Filvit is an anti-louse products reference Brand with more than 20 years in the market helping parents and children to eradicate lice and nits.
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Utabon is your best ally in winter with a wide range of effective solutions for cold symptoms.
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Uriach Medical

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We incorporate the products of Laborest to Uriach’s Vademecum

In 2015, Uriach acquired Laborest (Italy), incorporating its products into the current vademecum.

Laborest was born as a company in 1991. After 25 years in the Italian market, nowadays is a referent for doctors and patients in the development of therapeutic tools with rigor and scientific endorsements.

Laborest complies with ISO 22000 and ISO 9001 certification.