A shared challenge

Our goal is simple: we want you to spend the best years of your professional career with us. That's why we've set ourselves a special challenge: promoting your talent by practising and developing your professional and personal skills.

We're looking for genuine people to share and live a unique experience with loads of passion, enthusiasm and zeal.

We support our values because we believe in them and keep them in mind day in, day out. These values are part of what we are.

Our philosophy is simple: let's get stronger, innovate, unleash our creativity and overcome every challenge we set ourselves.

We have no doubt Uriach's the best place to work, and you can see it in our corridors, our offices and our faces!


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6 reasons to work at Uriach

One person's objectives are everyone's goals Our strategic plan
We work together as a team and always row in the same direction because our strategic plan is very ambitious and everyone it to succeed. If one wins, everyone wins, so we're acutely aware of the huge importance of communication and teamwork in attaining our objectives.
You can't have the best talent without the best leadership. For us, a leader is someone who's able to inspire, develop and deliver while acting as a reference.
Our values
Uriach's DNA is its values. Everyone keeps them in mind day in, day out, and they can be seen in our actions, events, communications... Wherever you look, in Uriach there's always one (or more) of our values to be seen. You can feel them in the air!
Here We Go!
We have a war cry: Here we go! These three words epitomise a way of doing things, a way of saying, "Bring it on!” We want people in Uriach to feel psyched up and motivated to achieve anything they set their minds to.
If we did it together, we celebrate it together. It's a fantastic opportunity to revel in success with our colleagues and share unforgettable moments. Want to share them with us?
Over 175 years finding talent
Ever since our company was founded over 175 years ago, it has evolved and grown thanks to the people who are, or once were, part of our team. We've been finding talent for over 175 years and we'll keep doing it so we can be around for many more years.

Do you join the challenge?

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