Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Since the Uriach Group was created in 1838, to its present stage of expansion, the organisation has been managed by various forms of governance. Our company continues to be an independent family company, that operates under the corporation module. As owners, the various Uriach generations manage and govern the Group, together with fully professional assessors.

The leadership and governance team works constantly to add value, enhancing the legacy we have received and transmitting it on to future generations. The family members also guarantee the contribution of the values defended by the various Uriach generations.

At present, the Group's Governing Bodies are as follows:

Family Assembly

This body unites all the members of the Uriach family who are over 25 years old, are shareholders or potential shareholders, and belong to various generations. It deals with operational decisions, which are related to or affect the family and the company.

Chairman: Dr. Juan Uriach Marsal
Managing Director: D. Juan Uriach Torelló
Secretary: D. Joaquín Uriach Torelló
Independent Councillor: D. Alfonso Merry del Val

Family Council

This is a corporative type governance body, made up of all the family shareholders. They manage matters associated with the organisational management model: strategic and tactical decisions, and also the composition of the Board of Administration.

Chairman: Dr. Juan Uriach Marsal
Managing Director: D. Enrique Uriach Torelló
Secretary: D. Enrique Uriach Torelló

Board of Administration

This Board operates as the company body dealing with the leadership of all the Uriach Group businesses. Its members are chosen by the Family Council, according to the qualities required.

Chairman: D. Joaquín Uriach Torelló
Secretary: D. Enrique Uriach Torelló
Independent Councillors: D. Joaquim Agut Bonsfills, D. Francisco Belil and D. Luis Cantarell
Councillors: Dña. Marta Uriach Torelló

Managing Director

This is the dependent member of the Board of Administration, who is responsible for continuously supervising and observing the correct operation of the Uriach Group. As the maximum responsible executive, since 2010 this position has fallen upon a member not belonging to the owner family.

Management Committee

Directed by D. Oriol Segarra Montaner, it is made up of the Director Generals of the Group's five Business Units (Uriach Pharma, Uriach Aquilea-OTC, Pharma­genus, Área Industrial (Química y Farma) and Palau Pharma) and the General Management of the Corporate Services Unit and the Human Resources Management, who provide services to all the companies within the Group.

The whole organisational chart is included in the Family Protocol, introduced in 2000, which also considers all the rules on economic relations, regarding values and continuity.