Aero-red® 120mg Comprimidos Masticables

Aero-red® 120mg Comprimidos Masticables keep gas under control. Use whenever you notice the uncomfortable presence of gas in your stomach in order to alleviate the symptoms. Available in a single solution of 40 chewable tablets.

The normal dosage is 2 or more chewable tablets after each main meal. This dosage can be repeated, wherever necessary, after each meal, up to a maximum of 4 tablets a day.

Chew the tablets thoroughly (do not swallow them whole).

Aero-Red® is a medicine that contains Simethicone, which acts by destroying gas bubbles, encouraging their elimination and alleviating the discomfort they cause.

 Aero-Red® 120 mg Comprimidos Masticables eliminate the gas bubbles that oppress your stomach, simply by taking one tablet. Another way of eliminating gas after main meals.

Each chewable tablet contains 120 mg of Simethicone as its active ingredient and has a pleasant vanilla flavour.