Aquilea Piernas Ligeras Gel

A long time on your feet or a long time sitting down, a sedentary lifestyle, genetic predisposition, age or a bad diet... they can all end up affecting the venous return and cause the well-known feeling of tired legs.

Aquilea Piernas Ligeras Gel instantly revitalises tired legs with its triple action:
– Encourages and activates cutaneous micro-circulation, helping decrease heaviness and fatigue in the legs.
– Quickly refreshes, soothes and revitalises the legs.
– Provides hydration and  tones the skin.
With Phythosome® technology for greater absorption of the active ingredients when applied topically, leaving the skin fresh and smooth.

People seeking to refresh their legs and provide an instant feeling of lightness.

Active ingredients: Leucoselect Phytosome® (Vitis Vinifera), Ginkoselect Phytosome® ( Ginko Biloba), Aescin, Beta Sitoesterol Phytosome® (Horse Chestnut), Lymphaselect (Melilotus), Alpha-Lipoic, Panthenol, Alantoin, Menthol.

Apply the gel to the area required in the morning and at night, massaging in a circular motion until fully absorbed. Massage the legs from top to bottom.