Aquilea Própolis Comprimidos

Propolis is a natural substance produced by bees that they obtain from plants and that, after a minor transformation, is used to disinfect the beehive and keep it free of bacteria. Studies of this wonderful “defence” have shown that propolis has over 50 active ingredients, which explains its great many health benefits.

Aquilea Própolis Comprimidos is a propolis-based food supplement. Propolis is a natural substance produced by bees.


Available in a single solution of 24 tablets.

Dissolve 2 to 5 tablets a day in the mouth.

Not recommended in the case of known allergies to bee produce, pregnancy or nursing mothers.

Helps care for the throat.

Ingredients per tablet: 100 mg propolis extract, 142mg fructooligosaccharides. Excipients: Sorbitol and Xilitol (sweeteners), Orange aroma, Magnesium stearate (stabiliser).


Food supplements should not be used to replace a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily allowance. Keep in a cool, dry place away from sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children.