Aquilea Sueño Instant

Aquilea Sueño Instant contains melatonin to help reduce the time needed to go to sleep, lemon balm to encourage relaxation, passion flower for relaxation and California poppy for a reparative sleep.


Take half an hour before going to bed. Pour the powder from one instant sachet into a glass and add hot or cold water

At some time in our lives, our sleep can be affected for many different reasons: accumulated tension, worries, work, everyday responsibilities, etc. All these factors cause accumulated ‘stress’ that does not let us sleep. If you sleep well all night long, you will wake up fresh to face the new day with renewed strength.

Ingredients: Dextrose (binding agent), lemon balm extract (Melissa officinalis L) , passion flower extract (Passiflora incarnata L), California poppy extract ( Eschscholzia californica), lemon aroma, water (moistening agent), silicon dioxide (anti-caking agent), melatonin, sucralose (sweetener).