Fave de Fuca®


Fave de Fuca® helps in hygienic-dietary treatment to avoid constipation and is based on the following points:


• Re-educating bowel movement habits.

• Physical exercise

• A diet rich in fibre and liquid




Fave de Fuca® 40 tablets CN 661668



• Take at night-time to feel its effect in the morning.

• Plant product:

• Its active ingredients are of plant origin.




• 1 tablet at night in adults, the elderly and adolescents over the age of 12.

• Fave de Fuca® is taken orally and a tablet should be taken with

a glass of water.

• Take at night-time to feel its effect in the morning.

• Its laxative effects are felt 6 to 12 hours after taking the tablet.




• Keep in the original packaging.

• Do not keep at temperatures over 30ºC.

• Keep out of the sight and reach of children.

• Do not use Fave de Fuca® after the expiry date indicated on the

packaging. The expiry date is the last day of the month indicated.

• Medicinal products must not be disposed of down the drain or in the bin. Dispose

of the medicinal products you no longer need at the pharmacy or ask your

chemist how to do so. This will help protect the environment.

Experience accumulated over more than 25 years by the team at the Uriach- Aquilea OTC laboratories has provided us with in-depth knowledge of the discomfort that constipation can cause in its sufferers. For those sufferers, Fave de Fuca®.

• 222 mg Rhamnus frangula L. bark extract (Buckthorn)

• 170 mg Rhamnus purshianus D.C. bark extract (Cascara buckthorn)

• 126 mg Fucus vesiculosus L. bark extract (Fucus)