Filvit Kit Antipiojos

The Filvit kit is 100% effective. Just follow these three steps:


Step 1. “Filvit Loción: kills fleas and lice”


• Do not wash hair before applying. Water causes a defence reaction and fleas close their breathing holes, hindering absorption of the insecticide. Water also eliminates the fat that helps bind the product.


• Place a towel over shoulders and make sure eyes are closed or protected.


• Apply the lotion to the hair and massage in gently. Cover head with the Filvit Cap and leave the lotion to work for 10 to 15 minutes.


• After this time, rinse the hair with plenty of water.


Step 2. “Filvit Champú: finishes off fleas and lice”


• Apply product like a normal shampoo to wet hair or hair dampened with cold or warm water. Massage the scalp gently, rubbing behind the ears and the neck.


• Cover head with the Filvit Cap and leave the shampoo to work for 10 to 15 minutes. The cap protects from external contact and encourages absorption of the pediculicide.


• Rinse the hair. Filvit Chamú contains pro-vitamin B5, a condition that allows for the hair to be brushed without knotting.


Step 3. “Filvit Peine Arrastra-piojos: removes fleas and lice”


• Extremely effective in removing dead fleas and lice attached to the hair. This phase is essential.

The Filvit Kit is the most complete formula for eliminating fleas and lice.