HALIBUT® Naríz y Labios

Halibut Naríz y labios offers: protection, hydration and repair of the noise-lip area. Intense protective and reparative balm. With SPF 15 sun filter.

Lip injuries are often due to the weather. The cold in winter, which causes irritation, inflammation and even cuts in the area, and too much sun in the summer, which dries them, are aggressions to the wellbeing of the mouth’s skin. 

Colds and flu during the winter can also lead to irritation of the nose and lips. Flu normally leads to rhinitis, which causes mucus. In addition to this, the use of tissues and the low temperatures mean that the area soon becomes red and irritated.

Lanolin, cocoa butter, rosehip, calendula, vitamin E, sun filter, Aloe Vera, panthenol.