INNOVAGE® Potenciador Capilar

OVER loss and weakness may be due to different factorts, such as a lack of nutrients, poor capillary micro-circulation, hormone changes or external aggressions. Innovage Potenciador Capilar, thanks to its formulation, acts on the three main causes of hair loss: nutritional, stress and hormonal.

While topical hair products only reach the external layers of the scalp, food supplements such as Innovage Potenciador Capilar work from the inside out.

Linseed extract, standardised with 20% lignans, is the ingredient that acts on the hormonal cause of hair loss.

Biotin and zinc work on keratin synthesis, a protein that gives the hair strength, encouraging greater volume and vitality.

Pycnogenol® helps encourage micro-circulation and, therefore, enables nutrients to reach the hair follicle.


Method of use:

Take 1 tablet a day.

Innovage Potenciador Capilar is a nutritional concentrate of active ingredients aimed at nourishing and strengthening the hair.


For 1 tablet a day:

150 mg Linseed


    30 mg


20 mg

    Marine pine extract (Pycnogenol®)

    13 mg


15 mg Zinc

    (150% RI*)

150 μg

    Biotin (300% RI*)


* RI: Reference intake.