Uriach Aquilea OTC

Uriach-Aquilea OTC is the Group's division in charge of marketing products on sale without a prescription. It has an extensive portfolio of health care solutions, and is one of the leading companies in its sector. Its turnover exceeds 40 million Euro, and its growth potential is constant. All these factors make this division one of the strategic business areas within the Uriach Group.

The extensive product catalogue also includes medicinal plants and food complements, based on constant innovation and quality. In this respect, the portfolio consists of two major product lines:

OTC Line

This range is made up of widely known products, such as Aerored, Biodramina, Fave de Fuca, Utabon or Filvit.

Line of natural product

Aquilea for health care. Distributed in therapeutic areas, these products offer a natural solution for health care and wellbeing. They include gynaecology, urology and weight control products.