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Business ethics play a very important role in the priorities of Uriach

The Code of Ethics aims to establish a foundation and common principles for all the guidelines and policies underpinning the ethical and responsible behavior of all the stakeholders interacting with Uriach during the course of their activities. The Code of Ethics is the highest-level regulatory instrument in the company’s regulatory structure. Its principles are set out in the policies, standards and procedures.

At Uriach we make sure our employees follow the Code of Ethics and the internal rules that implement it, as well as raising awareness of it and associated measures among our customers, suppliers and contractors.

Uriach's Compliance Channel

Uriach provides all its stakeholders with a communication channel that will allow them to report, with strict confidentiality and (if requested) anonymously, any suspected wrongdoing and breaches of our Code of Ethics and applicable regulations.

Find below the access to our Compliance Channel and our own corporate policies:

Access to our Compliance Channel
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Supplier's Code of Conduct

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Crime Prevention and Compliance Model

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Anticorruption Policy

Donations and sponsorship regulation

Finance Policy

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Marketing Policy

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People Policy

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Information Security Policy

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Data Protection Policy

Operations Policy

Other corporate Policies

Uriach has his own directives and guideline that includes all the preventive measures and controls that must be applied in daily activity.

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