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Uriach is an exciting journey full of
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Imagine a more humane world and draw its lines together.



Explore new horizons and reach as far as we imagine.



Together everything is easier.


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Each person at Uriach leaves their mark.

Miguel Moreno

Miguel Moreno

Project Manager

Taking on challenges, living each day as a new adventure, surrounding myself with very good colleagues and growing on a personal and professional level is what I most enjoy doing as a Demand Planner at Uriach.

Zina Safer

Zina Safer

Director Legal & Compliance

The inspiration and creativity of the team is something that captivated me from the very first moment. This allows us to learn and achieve goals at the highest levels together.

Anna Fortuny

Anna Fortuny

Innovation CHC

What I like most about working at Uriach is the motivation to learn, grow and improve by working on unique and challenging projects.

Culture and Values

We build an unforgettable work experience based on our company cultures and values, and together we spend the best years of our professional lives.




To achieve a unity "of hearts", with bonds much stronger than the reward, of friendship and affection, having the freedom to say all things constructively, with a real and sincere commitment of each person towards the team.



To achieve an environment of trust, respect, humility, mutual support, affection and sincere interest in people, and from this deep affection, to give feedback and to challenge, all of this being towards oneself and others.

18162 Resonance



18171 Intensity

To attain from each person a tireless positive energy, which motivates and pushes him/her to constantly act in a flexible and dynamic way, with optimism, self-confidence, fun and passion.



Acquire an entrepreneurial mindset: question the status quo, always have ambition to do more and better, explore, innovate, take risks, never give up or settle, grow and succeed.




18162 Resonance

To achieve the permanent fulfillment of our commitments and challenges through a sincere sense of responsibility, doing whatever it takes and always overcoming mistakes.



Achieving sustainability through a kaizen mentality, of constant professional and personal growth, yearning for elemental greatness and protecting the core: our values.


Live It

It reaches beyond Work

At Uriach, we care about the individuals, about their wellbeing and about creating innovative and flexible working environments to achieve happier and healthier teams. We know that each and every one of the people who are part of our organization are special and different, which is why we are constantly developing to adapt to their needs and improve their experience with us.

Your future is here

If you are a passionate person who likes a challenge, join us and be part of our history.