Statement about COVID-19

First of all, we want to say a few words for all the healthcare professionals who are on the front line facing Covid19 and protecting us from the virus, as well as for the pharmacies that are continuing to provide their vital service to the entire population. We want to offer them all our support and thanks. From our position, we have always supported them and we will continue to do so now more than ever.

These are moments of great uncertainty and at Uriach we are doing everything we can to help. We have a responsibility as a pharmaceutical company, and for this reason our factories are continuing to work, in order to guarantee the supply of all products that can help the population. It goes without saying that we are of course following all the instructions and security measures that the authorities recommend to us. We will continue to work for as long as circumstances allow, both in our factories and with the rest of our collaborators teleworking from home.

We cannot thank all our collaborators enough for their attitude and collaboration in these difficult times. For our part, as dictated by our values and the culture we have built, and out of social responsibility, we will do everything in our power to ensure that the current situation does not affect any of them economically, and we will do everything we can to not resort to any of the measures that have been made available to companies, such as labour force adjustment plans or others.

The character of an organization is best seen when things get tough. We are proud of all the people who work with us and convinced that, more than ever, Uriach will continue to be a great family whose calling is to care for health both inside and outside the company. That we project optimism, passion, enthusiasm and commitment with all our stakeholders. And that we will emerge from this situation stronger, doing everything in our power to contribute to overcoming this crisis in all the countries where we are present.


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