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When passionate people grow, business makes history

It is our profound belief that our main strength, our only source of sustainable competitive advantage, the first reason for success, and the only thing that makes us unique, is our people and corporate culture. Because the extraordinary results we ultimately seek are achieved through maximum commitment to people, which relates directly to their happiness and wellbeing.

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It reaches beyond work

At Uriach, we care about the individuals, about their wellbeing and about creating innovative and flexible working environments to achieve happier and healthier teams. We know that each and every one of the people who are part of our organization are special and different, which is why we are constantly developing to adapt to their needs and improve their experience with us.

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Unity of hearts

We have a clear and shared beliefs and purpose that not only aligns our work internally. But connects us externally with our environment and makes us be profoundly coherent, holistic, integral and human, achieving the unity of hearts.



Passion For People

We have a sincere interest and respect for people, we seek to empower them, internally to unleash everyone's talent to full potential, happiness and self-realization, and externally to help consumers to improve their wellbeing, health and life with the best natural solutions.



Positive Energy

We spread positive energy, passion, fun and optimism to all our stakeholders, we embrace change and constantly adapt, we permanently seek for agility and simplicity to grow and be as scalable and exponential as possible.



We Dream, We Innovate

We are curious, committed, and self-demanding. We dream, explore, challenge, dare think big and always want more, we never give up or become complacent.

Innovation is in our DNA to improve people´s life and the world around us.



Trust. Inspiration. Results

We trust and inspire trust, we work with high standards of ethics, integrity, responsibility, transparency, and accountability, and we deliver sustainably extraordinary results.



Health and sustainability

We are proud of our history and committed to sustainability, we are natural, and conscious. We want to have a positive impact, sharing value with all our stakeholders and continuously improving our environment while we grow professionally and most of all, personally.


We are a company with hands on leadership, where everyone can contribute and grow. Our goal is to help empower the talent of our leaders in order for them to encourage participation, communication, transparency and empathy within the team.

The healthier, the happier. Wellbeing is embedded in Uriach’s DNA. That is why we believe in improving the health of our teams. For that reason, we have developed an annual program with health-promoting activities and habits to help you feel better both inside and outside of the work environment.

Everything we achieve together we celebrate together. During the New Year’s and Uriach Day we share moments and celebrate accomplishments.

We live with passion, enthusiasm and positive energy, giving free rein to our creativity and getting to know better all the people who are part of Uriach.

Your future is here

People and culture

If you are a passionate person who likes a challenge, join us and be part of our history.

Adria Pinto

“Enjoying work, teaming up and growing as professionals and as people is what I like the most about working at Uriach. Our flexible and agile culture makes us overcome challenging challenges together in our day to day.”

Ines Almeida

“I have had the chance to attend training programs, and I have been able to work on projects that have allowed me to expand my skill set and knowledge of the industry and specifically in the marketing field”.

Yuns Jaghou

“The company is always striving to improve and to stay at the forefront of the industry, and it is exciting to be a part of such a dynamic and forward-thinking organization”.

Gemma Martinez

“I am glad to belong to this fantastic team and I am excited to continue to grow and learn while being a part of it”.

Francesco Serina

“Professional training and innovation thinking, to reach a deep awareness of market opportunities, in a familiar team with a green heart”.

Ariana Revoltos

“Uriach has always counted on the jobs I wanted to get. Being able to add to the work of other people, familiar with our markets, learning a new language and bringing value from the new experience to HQ, is a very relevant stage both professionally and personally”.

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