Biodramina® Infantil Unidosis

At Biodramina® we know how to enjoy travel. We’ve been effectively treating and preventing travel sickness for 60 years.


Thanks to this, we are still a solution for millions of travellers.

Because if there’s anything we know, it’s that a good trip is better without travel sickness.


This medicinal product should be taken with food, with water or with milk.


Available in a single format of 5 single-dose bottles containing 6ml each.


• To be taken orally.

*Children aged 2 to 6: 3-6 ml 30 minutes before travel. The dosage can be repeated every 6-8 hours.

*Children aged 7 to 12: 6-12 ml 30 minutes before travel. The dosage can be repeated every 6-8 hours.

• Open the bottle, following the instructions indicated on the safety lid.

• Insert the dispensing syringe, pressing on the hole in the punctured cap.

• Turn the bottle upside down and remove the dose indicated on the patient information leaflet.

• Administer directly using the dispensing syringe or place the contents of the syringe in a spoon.

• Wash the dispensing syringe after each dosage.

• Diabetic patients: this medicinal product contains 650mg of sucrose per ml.

• Do not give to children below the age of 2 or children suffering severe asthma attacks.

Biodramina® Solución Oral Infantil is a treatment for children that acts against sickness and vomiting caused by travel sickness and motion sickness.

4 mg dimenhydrinate