A new chemical plant

Ribas i Piera, the famous architect who built the Degà Bahí headquarters, leads the construction of the raw material plant in Sant Fost de Campsentelles, which opens in 1970.

The development of the pharmaceutical company hinges on the production of raw materials to guarantee the supply and quality of the compounds used in production processes. The Uriach Group’s Fine Chemicals Division, later renamed Urquima, S. A., is born to supply the global generics market. It gets almost 100% of its turnover from exports.

It develops, synthesises and produces active ingredients (APIs) for generics manufacturers on an industrial scale. Products, chosen mainly with a view to competing on the American and European markets, are manufactured following GMPs at the Sant Fost de Campsentelles plant, which is inspected and approved by the FDA.

Original patents are always taken into account when developing and marketing products. In some cases, non-infringing processes are developed, giving rise to proprietary patents.